5Chicago Local 134 is a group of soccer fans that is committed to building a community of supporters for the Chicago Red Stars.

All are welcome at all tailgates, parties, and events, and tickets in the Harlem End are available directly from the Chicago Red Stars (call 872-829-2116).

But, if you want to take it the next level and become an official L134 member (yay!) here’s how:

A $20 minimum donation gets you a direct link to $180 goal line CRS season tickets in the official supporters’ section (118, the Harlem End) and Local 134 sunglasses.

Donating above and beyond the standard $20 amounts will get you eternal gratitude and maybe even drumming privileges.

Join Local 134

This fee mostly helps to offset the cost of banners, buckets, game day transportation, food and drink, or other misc. items purchased for the group at-large. The more members we have, the more we can do to make CRS game days memorable (to say the least).

Expect an email upon purchase with ticketing information. Direct all questions to or @ChicagoLocal134 on Twitter.

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