Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode

When I see you Red Stars,
I go out of my head
I just can’t get enough x2
All the things you do to me
And all the things you say
I just can’t get enough x2
We slip and slide and we fall in love
And I just can’t seem to get enough.
Chorus: Oh, doo-doo-doo da-da-da
doo-doo-doo da-da-da
doo-doo-doo da-da-da
DOO-DOO-DOO [Chorus x2]

Girls in Blue (Call and Repeat)

134: Chicago!
Crowd: Red Stars! [x2]
134: C’mon you girls in blue
Crowd: C’mon you girls in blue [x2]
134: Chicago’s blue and white
Crowd: Chicago’s blue and white [x2]
chorus of Yankee Doodle (lo lo lo lo lo lo)
repeat call and response

We Love You Red Stars (we always end the game with this)

We love you Red Stars [We do]
We love you Red Stars [We do]
We love you Red Stars [We do]
Red Stars [We love you]

Chicago ‘Til I Die

Chicago ‘til I die
Chicago ‘til I die
I know I am
I’m sure I am
Chicago ‘Til I die

We Love Ya

We love ya [x3]
And where you’ll go
We’ll follow [x3]
Cuz we support Chicago [Chicago, Chicago]
And that’s the way we like it [we like it, we like it]
Whoa-Whoa-Whoooaa [x4]

C’mon Red Stars – Tune of Yankee Doodle

(Starts slow, faster as repeated)
C’mon Red Stars score a goal
It’s really very simple
Put the ball into the net
And we’ll go bloody mental
La La La La…..

Minute 34:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you (x2)

You are my Red Stars (To the song of You are my Sunshine)

You are my Red Stars
My only Red Stars
You make me Happy
When skies are grey
You never know dear
How much I love you
Please don’t take my Red Stars away

Gilliland (to the tune of ‘Lollipop’)

Gilliland, Gilliland, oh Gilly gillygilly
Gilliland, Gilliland, oh Gilly gillygilly
(doo doo doo doo)

1-10 Chant

1-2 (Press) is comin’ for you
3-4 She’s gonna score
5-6 It’ll be a hat trick
7-8 You’ll be too late
9-10 We’ll do it again

Julie Johnston

Freaky fast, freaky good (repeat as necessary)

Sam Johnson Call and Response

Whose house?

Jen Hoy


Alyssa Mautz (to the tune of Shots)

Mautz Mautz MautzMautzMautz
Mautz Mautz MautzMautzMautz
Mautz Mautz MautzMautzMautzMautz

Christen Press

Christen PressPressPress she’s our number 23
Christen PressPressPress she’s a Yank like you and me
To the LEFT to the RIGHT she’s our scoring dynamite
When she plays in blue and white she makes ____ look shite.
Second verse last line: She makes Red Stars shine bright.

Sofia Huerta (To the tune of Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You)

Sofia Huerta we love you more than life
Sofia Huerta cut through them like a knife
Sofia Huerta I wish I could play like you.
Doo-Doo Doo-Doo Doo DooDooDoo

Oh when the stars go marching in

Oh when the stars (Oh when the stars!)
Go marching in (Go marching in!)
Oh when the stars go marching in
Oh I want to be in that number
When the stars go marching in.

Naeher (To the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up aka Rick Roll)

Naeher gonna give you up
Naeher gonna let you down
Naeher gonna run around and desert you
Naher gonna make you cry
Naeher gonna say goodbye
Naeher gonna tell a lie and hurt you
(Repeat as necessary)

Julie, Julie (To the tune of)

Oh Julie, Julie
Your speed is so freaky
She’s better than that becky
Oh Julie, Julie
Second verse last line: She’s better than that Christie (or any defender that rhymes: whitney, catley, etc.)

Dibernardo (To the tune of Hey Baby(If you’ll be my girl))

Heeeeeyyyyy dibernardo (RED STARS)
I wanna knooooooow
How you’re so damn good


Her name is colaprico
She makes the midfield go
She’s from the garden state (Freehold)
(or She’s from that place out east (Jersey))


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