“I’ll Go With You”

This year, Local 134 will be implementing an “I’ll Go With You” community ally program specifically for the comfort and safety of trans or genderqueer members of our community who may be uncomfortable in gendered spaces, particularly gendered multi-stall bathrooms like the ones at SeatGeek.

We are looking for Local 134 members who are willing to volunteer as representatives of this initiative on gamedays.

As a representative of the “I’ll Go With You” program, you will do the following:

  • Wear a small button with the trans flag on it that says #IllGoWithYou on it
  • Be willing to be publicly identified to the community as a representative of this inititiative on the Local 134 website
  • Be willing to, upon request, go with a fellow community member to the bathroom they prefer to use, wait in line with them, and ensure they come and go from the bathroom safely and comfortably.
  • Be willing to, while wearing the button, maintain a certain degree of sobriety in the interest of performing this community function responsibly.
  • Be willing to help a fellow community member seek help if they are being harassed or otherwise feel uncomfortable on a game day.
  • Have tickets in section 118

We are looking to establish a group of around 15-20 people who can be on the team of representatives for this program. Buttons will be distributed before each game.

This practice will be particularly important for Local 134 away trips to states or areas where local laws may particularly discriminate against members of our community, so we will be sure to identify representatives for these trips from or outside of the regular group.

For anyone who is interested in taking advantage of this program, the list of representatives will be shared on the Local 134 website via a document with photos as well as the type of bathroom they can escort to. You do not need to be a member to have access to these escorts!

Each gameday, keep an eye out for these people and the buttons. Away game escorts will be shared leading up to an away trip on the travel page of the Local 134 website.

If you are interested in being an escort for this program, (please join!) and let Maggie know.

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