Red Stars Glossary

Inspired by the WNT Dictionary, here’s your quick catch-up guide for being a Chicago Red Stars fan!

Fan vs. Supporter

All supporters are fans, but only some fans are supporters! No, it’s not a logic problem, but the distinction is important. Nearly everyone at a Red Stars game is a fan. But supporters are different. We support the whole club, and aren’t just fans of individual players.

2019 scarves

The Harlem End

The Harlem End is the north end of the stadium, where the supporters for the Red Stars and Chicago Fire are located. We are always in Section 118 and you are welcome to take advantage of the lower-priced GA tickets in our section as long as you stand and sing with us


#MKOT is the club hashtag these days. It stands for “My Kind of Town” – like in the Frank Sinatra song about Chicago. The song is played after every home game. The Red Stars launched a brand refresh in 2017 that you can read about here:

If you ever want to write about the team on social media, use #MKOT to connect with other fans and supporters, and follow the hashtag yourself as well!

“Suck on that one”

After Australia fell to Italy in their first game of the 2019 World Cup, reporters & trolls alike criticized the team for the unexpected loss. Less than a week later Red Stars striker and Australian captain Sam Kerr helped the Matildas top Brazil. Post-match Sam was asked how it felt and she smirked uttered the phrase heard ’round the world, “You know there were a lot of critics talking about us but we’re back, so suck on that one!”

The Geek

SeatGeek Stadium, affectionately known as The Geek (or even the Geem…) in Bridgeview is the home of the Chicago Red Stars.

Reggies Bus

The Reggies bus is the Pub-to-Pitch bus organized by The Red Line SG, our good friends. The bus is $7 roundtrip and runs to all Red Stars games from Reggies in Chinatown.


The Drainage Derby began with the 2018 semifinal match between the Red Stars and the Courage, when Chicago was expected to fly into Hurricane Florence for the game. For over a week, CRS manager Rory Dames retweeted warnings about how dangerous the storm was and fans and supporters advocated against playing the match in Cary while the NWSL continued to “monitor the situation.” NC boasted that their stadium had excellent drainage, leading to this tweet from Rory:

Click the image for a great recap of what was at stake that week:

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