Reggie’s Pub to Pitch 2019!

We have VERY exciting news! Thanks to our friends at the Red Line SG, we’re offering Pub to Pitch service for all Red Stars games in 2019! Buses will run from Reggie’s (2105 S. State St.) to SeatGeek Stadium and return to Reggie’s after the match.

The Red Line SG is currently selling season-long bus passes for all 12 regular season CRS home games. This pass is the only way to guarantee yourself a seat on the Reggie’s bus all season and lock in the $5 per game rate.


What time will the bus leave from Reggie’s? / What time will the bus get to the stadium?

Generally the bus will leave Reggie’s about 2 hours before kick-off and leave 30 minutes after the final whistle. This will give you a chance to tailgate before the match starts.

Can I buy additional tickets for a single match?

Yes, single-game bus tickets will be available for $7 in advance, or $10 on the day of the game.

What if I don’t need 12 bus tickets?

The tickets are transferable, so you can give or sell them to someone else! It’s the first year we’re doing this for Red Stars games, so even if you can’t make all the games, consider buying the pass to show Reggie’s & other bars that there is a market for Red Stars pub to pitch service.

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