“2017 Awaits!” – Member Update 3/20/17


Here’s what’s coming up in the world of Chicago Local 134:
1. Membership renewal: If you’d like to renew your commitment to supporting the Red Stars with Local 134, the cost is still $20. Your donation will go toward:
  • Buying an official 134 tailgate grill
  • Food and supplies for tailgates
  • Supplies for making signs and banners
  • Drum maintenance
  • New friends for Tiny Christen?
  • Megaphone batteries (essential)
Membership will include a pair of Local 134 sunglasses.
> > > RENEW HERE < < <
2. Shirts: We’re a little behind the curve on getting shirts ready, but if anyone knows of a local place that’ll do 50 shirts at a reasonable price per unit, let me know! We’re also taking designs for the following concept:
  • Red shirt, white design (or really, any combination, just avoiding black or gray shirts, because we’ve already had those)
  • Text: “My Kind of Team”
A t-shirt will not be included in membership this year, but members will be able to buy their shirts at a discount.
3. Pre-season watch parties: Keep an eye on Facebook/Twitter for more info
4. First away game: CRS @ Houston, April 15, AJ Hudson’s (3801 N Ashland Ave) — back room, 1:00pm
5. First home game: CRS vs. FCKC, April 22, Toyota Park (more details to follow)
6. Tailgate volunteers needed: I’m hoping to be more on top of our tailgate game this year. In order to do that, I’ve created a sign-up list for people who are interested in taking responsibility for a tailgate for individual home games. Volunteers will be responsible for all the necessary arrangements for tailgate food (not for drinks!). This is not a financial commitment– just a commitment of time!
> > > SIGN UP HERE < < <
If you have friends who are interested in joining Local 134 please send this to them and feel free to direct them to me with any questions.
I hope to see you all soon!

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